Sustainability is not just an attitude for us, but our social responsibility. We aim to fulfill this responsibility in as many areas as possible.

Organic Ingredients

All our products carry the European Organic Label. Thus, we can guarantee that more than 95% of our ingredients stem from organic agriculture. Organic farming is particularly preserving for natural ressources and has many positive effects on our environment, which we think is very important.

Energy Balance

To keep our carbon footprint as low as possible we produce exclusively in Germany. Often, pasta is produced abroad and has to be carried to Germany by energy-consuming transports. Furthermore, we avoid suppliers from overseas and purchase our raw materials preferred from regional suppliers.

Green Energy

Our company runs exclusively on electricity from renewable sources. Since 2011, the majority of our energy demand is derived from the photovoltaic system installed on the roof of our production site. The remaining demand is covered by a green energy supplier.